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Manufacturer: Bilstein
Product ID: 48-231848
Bilstein B16 Clubsport Audi A3
Bilstein B16 Clubsport Audi A3
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Vehicle Fitment.

This damper will fit the following vehicles.

  • Audi A3 (8V1) 1.8 TFSi (04/2012-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) 1.8 TFSi Quattro (08/2012-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) S3 Quattro (02/2013-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) S3 Quattro (05/2014-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) S3 Quattro (11/2012-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) 2.0 TDi (04/2012-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) 2.0 TDi Quattro (10/2012-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) 2.0 TDi (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 (8V1) 2.0 TDi Quattro (12/2012-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 1.8 TFSi (09/2012-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 1.8 TFSi Quattro (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) S3 Quattro (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) S3 Quattro (05/2014-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) S3 Quattro (11/2012-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) RS3 Quattro (03/2015-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 1.6 TDi Quattro (05/2015-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 2.0 TDi Quattro (02/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 2.0 TDi (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Sportback (8VA) 2.0 TDi Quattro (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 1.8 TFSi (11/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 1.8 TFSi (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 1.8 TFSi Quattro (11/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) S3 Quattro (10/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) S3 Quattro (05/2014-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) S3 Quattro (10/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 1.6 TDi (05/2015-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 2.0 TDi (05/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 2.0 TDi Quattro (10/2013-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 2.0 TDi (05/2014-).
  • Audi A3 Limousine (8VS) 2.0 TDi Quattro (05/2014-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 1.8 TSi (02/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 Cupra (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 Cupra (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 TDi (02/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 TDi (05/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 TDi (02/2013-).
  • Seat Leon CS (5F5) 2.0 TDi (03/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 1.4 TSi (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 1.4 TSi (05/2014-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 1.8 TSi (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 1.6 TDi (09/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 2.0 TDi (11/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 2.0 TDi (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 2.0 TDi (10/2013-).
  • Seat Leon ST (5F8) 2.0 TDi (08/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 GTi (11/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 GTi (04/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 GTi (04/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 R 4motion (11/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 R 4motion (11/2013-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 TDi (11/2012-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 TDi 4motion (11/2012-).
  • VW Golf Vii (5G1,BE1) 2.0 GTD (04/2013-).

These items are delivered direct from Bilstein UK, normally taking 24-48 hours.
If Bilstein UK don't have stock please allow 2-5 days for delivery direct from Bilstein Germany.

Bilstein Clubsport Kit.

Out of love for motorsports and for the road.

Every track is different. The Bilstein Clubsport adjusts to every condition with motorsports dynamics.

As close to motorsports as you can get.

The BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit takes our 50 years of motorsports know-how and transfers it to the open road. A high-end German TÜV approved coilover combined with BILSTEIN monotube technology creates a perfect combination for meeting high performance demands. The 2-way adjustment system allows the seperate configuration of Rebound and compression. Fast turns and extreme situations don’t challenge the chassis any more. Choose the extremly durable BILSTEIN quality, tested in the “Green Hell”, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Bilstein Gas-Pressure Technology - Putting the pressure on:
    • Traditional oil shock absorbers, when put under extreme stress, can lead to oil foaming which causes shock fading and results in damping power reduction. In the 1950s BILSTEIN found the solution to this problem by developing gas-pressure technology. With the first installation of the monotube gas-pressure shock absorber on series produced Mercedes-Benz vehicles in 1957, we established the technology as an industry standard — a standard which continues today in both monotube and twin-tube designs. This means more reliable shock absorption and suspension under any load, and added safety in dynamic driving situations.
  • Bilstein Monotube/Upside-Down Technology - The original. The best:
    • BILSTEIN monotube gas-pressure shock absorbers were the first in series production and have remained the equipment of choice for those who demand the most from their vehicle. Whether driving in poor driving conditions, sporty driving, or competitive motorsports, our monotube technology provides greater damping power due to the larger surface area of the piston. This results in improved handling, consistent performance, and longer service life. Increased installation flexibility allows engineers to find the optimum mounting position. BILSTEIN also uses upside-down monotube technology which allows the piston rod to be installed at the bottom of the shock tube body. A wear-resistant chromium tube moves up and down freely by incorporating low friction bearings. Both the support and lateral forces are distributed across a larger area than in twin-tube systems, and the torsional strength of the connection between the wheel and vehicle body is increased.
  • Bilstein Ride Height Adjustment - A change of persepective:
    • Our shock absorbers for lowered and lifted vehicles, paired with proper springs, ensure enhanced driving characteristics while still achieving your desired look. Our ride height adjustment kits are thoroughly tested by BILSTEIN engineers. Only when we are 100% satisfied that all criteria have been met (driving characteristics, suitability for everyday use, appearance, ground clearance, etc.), will the kit be branded with BILSTEIN.
  • Bilstein 2-Way Adjustment - Maximum flexibility. Maximum sport:
    • Providing a wide range of suspension characteristics, BILSTEIN 2-way damping adjustment is a comprehensive solution for the motorsports enthusiast. Both rebound and compression forces can be adjusted independently via two easily accessible knobs. From 1 (soft) to 10 (hard), BILSTEIN 2-way adjustment allows for up to 100 variations with noticeable differences.
  • Bilstein Road Test - Theoretically good is not good enough for us:
    • All BILSTEIN shock absorbers undergo rigorous testing and measurement procedures for objective criteria including safety, braking, steering behavior, dynamic driving, and comfort. In addition, BILSTEIN never loses focus on the most important aspect of suspension design — how it feels to the driver. All of our high-performance shock absorbers, air suspension modules, and coilover systems undergo a rigorous testing program at various locations throughout the world including, the famed Nürburgring, our own Papenburg Test Center in Germany, and on an array of demanding trails and roads in Southern California, USA. Only when all of our test engineers agree that the optimum level of performance is achieved, may the products be branded with the BILSTEIN name — a name synonymous with a legendary driving experience.
  • Bilstein OE Quality - Original Quality:
    • If the designation original equipment did not exist, it would have to be invented for us. For more than 60 years, we have been the development partner of choice for the suspension and shock absorber systems of renowned automakers — manufacturers in the premium segment as well as high-volume manufacturers. From the development of suspension components for series production to high-performance suspensions for motorsports or the production of high-quality OE replacement, our products and expertise are in high demand. Our comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability includes everything — from OE replacement to tuning and motorsports. This is how we ensure the legendary BILSTEIN driving experience during the entire vehicle life.


When August Bilstein laid the foundations for the innovation incubator BILSTEIN in Altenvoerde in Germany's Westphalia region in 1873, nobody had any idea of the crucial influence the company's products would one day have on the driving comfort and safety of cars. Instead it was metal window fittings - sold under the catchy name of AUBI, an abbreviation of August Bilstein - that soon made the company famous far beyond the boundaries of Bilstein's local region and even abroad.

A whole series of technical innovations followed and the revenues earned through these patents provided a solid basis for the later successes of what was still a young company. In order to meet the exacting quality demands already in the preliminary stage of manufacturing the fittings, the company set up its own strip iron rolling mill in 1919. In line with the motto "A rolling stone gathers no moss", Hans Bilstein, who had taken over the running of the company from his father, returned to his native Westphalia from the USA, which in the 1920s was still a long way away, bringing with him new concepts for nickel- and chrome-plating processes.

Entry into the automotive business: 1928-1954

It was in 1927 that Hans Bilstein made the first move towards the automotive accessories industry, through his co-operation with the Berlin-based lifting gear company Levator-Hebezeug-Fabrik. He did not have to wait long to see his activities bear fruit.

In 1928, four years before the opening of the first motorway between Cologne and Bonn, BILSTEIN supplied the first chrome-plated bumper for mass-produced cars. Just one year later the company began producing car jacks. In typical BILSTEIN style, it entered this market with a resounding technical innovation, introducing the first usable side jack to a world that was only slowly getting used to the car. But the true world sensation was still to come.

Gaining the lead through expertise and technology: 1954 to the present day

n 1954, BILSTEIN was the first to realise the potential offered by an idea of Prof. Bourcier de Carbon, a French researcher in the field of vibrations. The aim was to eliminate the physical disadvantages of the conventional telescopic shock absorbers, whilst at the same time making the dampers lighter and able to be fitted in any position.

Enormous effort went into development, accompanied by substantial investment in the necessary production facilities, in order to achieve this ambitious target. And it paid off. The introduction of the first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber in a standard production Mercedes-Benz vehicle in 1957 by what was at the time the 'Fittings and car jack manufacturer BILSTEIN' (Beschlag- und Wagenheber-Hersteller BILSTEIN) is still today considered a major contribution to active driving safety.

Gas pressure technology is now used in all types of telescope shock absorbers developed for use on powerful, high-class cars. The latest highlight is the development of the air spring module that BILSTEIN supplies 'just in sequence' to the Mercedes S-Class production line.

To this day, the demands of its customers in the automotive and tuning industries, combined with its commitment to motor sports, are what drive development and innovation at BILSTEIN. All AMG Mercedes in the DTM and over half of the teams in the 24 hour race on the Nürburgring approach the starting line with BILSTEIN accessories.

The name BILSTEIN has for many decades been closely associated with high tech in the field of suspension design, driving comfort and safety. In order to expand this position in the future, BILSTEIN became a division of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG in 1988, and a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2005. The partnership and co-operation within the group will enable the company to continue to inspire with innovations in the traditional BILSTEIN way.

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